RULES For/Against RIGHTS: The Contradistinction limiting the Right to Protest

The Freedom of Expression Institute is dissatisfied with the manner in which a planned service delivery protest in Cape Town has been prohibited. The protest was organized by the Informal Settlements Group in Cape Town and set to take place on the 29th of November. An interdict sighting concerns and evidence of potential violence was granted to the City of Cape Town barring the planned protest from being constituted legally. While the Informal Settlements Group has respected the court’s ruling to forfeit the march, the Freedom of Expression Institute perceives this as a regression in the exercise of the Constitutional right to protest and freedom of expression in general. Continue reading

The time to worry is now!

The FXI is shocked at parliament’s abrupt and hasty passing of the “Secrecy Bill” after the president sent it back for review on the grounds that the Bill “would not pass constitutional muster”. While the FXI and other stakeholders were preparing to work with Parliament in further polishing the Bill, we received the surprise news that it has been passed and sent back to the president for assent. Continue reading


The Freedom of Expression Institute is deeply perturbed by the overly exaggerated and unwarranted reaction to T-shirts printed by students from Westville Boys High School in Durban. The Institute views the comments that have been directed at the school, the students and the general sentiments thereof as tantamount to threats against artistic expression and freedom of expression on the whole. Continue reading