The Freedom of Expression Network was formed in 2006 as a response to government’s attempts to suppress growing dissenting voices of the poor. These attempts were made particularly through local authorities, using various State apparatuses such as the Regulation of Gatherings Act and National Key Points Act.

The Freedom of Expression Network has evolved and currently comprises over 200 grassroots-based organizations with a strong presence and formal representation in all nine provinces of South Africa. Membership includes a contingent of social movements, community based organizations and small non-profit organizations. The FXN maintains a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the Freedom of Expression Institute that ensures lasting impact in the programmes by the FXI and continued relevance through input from the Freedom of Expression Network.

The network’s objective is to raise awareness and advance the fight for the right to access information, freedom of expression and other related rights such as the right to protest, association and assembly. This is done through civic education, capacitation and mobilization of affected sections of society on the right to free expression as enshrined in section 16 as well as sections 17 and 32 of the Constitution of South Africa.

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