Our Networks

The FXI is one of the few civil society organizations whose work is directly influenced by our strong connection to grassroots level individuals and community based organizations in the form of the Freedom of Expression Network. The FXI also works with other local organizations through coalitions such as the Right2Know campaign, SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition towards the advancement of freedom of expression and other associated rights. The FXI is also part of International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) a global network of 80 independent non-governmental organisations working at the local, national, regional and international level to defend and promote freedom of expression as a fundamental human right.
Freedom of Expression Network
The Freedom of Expression Network was formed in 2006 as a response to government’s attempts to suppress growing dissenting voices of the poor. These attempts were made particularly through local authorities, using various State apparatuses such as the Regulation of Gatherings Act and National Key Points Act. Read more
Right2Know Campaign
The FXI is a founding member of the Gauteng branch of the Right2Know Campaign. Since the campaign’s conception, the FXI has contributed towards the strategic and operational aspects of the campaign to ensure sustained advocacy against the Protection of State Information Bill. The concerted effort from the FXI has contributed to the much improved version of the Bill.
SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition
The FXI is a founding member of the SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition which was conceived to advocate for enhanced quality of service from the SABC. This was drawn out of the recognition of how standards of public broadcasting had deteriorated. The coalition has been influential in the formation of revised policy and legislation affecting public broadcasting and now extends its emphasis to promoting innovative, user-oriented public broadcasting.