The outreach work of the Institute mainly constitutes civic education and advocacy. Through this function, the Institute has contributed towards the enhancement of policy and legislation pertaining to freedom of expression. It has assisted in developing the legal and policy provisions enabling the exercise of free expression by making key submissions on to government and other bodies.

Civic education

Civic education in a democracy is education in self-government where citizens are actively involved in their own governance; they do not just passively accept the status quo or demands of others but however, act based on informed, critical reflection; and on the understanding and acceptance of the rights and responsibilities that go with that membership. Read More

Capacity Building

Capacity building is an ongoing process through which individuals, groups, organizations and societies enhance their ability to identify and meet development challenges. Read More

Mass Mobilization Campaigns

Mass mobilization is a process that engages and motivates a wide range of partners and allies at national and local levels to raise awareness of, and demand for a particular development objective through face-to-face dialogue. Read More

Promoting Access to Information as a Human Right

While the Freedom of Expression Institute promotes and defends the right to free expression in all its forms, a notable emphasis is placed on the advancement of access to information. This orientation is derived from the key observation drawn from our environmental scan and analysis of the prevailing civil-political and socio-economic trends, particularly among low income and marginalized communities. Limited access to information and in some cases, complete ignorance of this constitutional right, is responsible for the ineffective exercise of the right to free expression; and by extension, the right to protest, assembly and association. The evidence of this situation has been more apparent in the past few years, with growing distrust of authority and dissatisfaction with the provision of basic services at all levels.

The FXI maintains that access to information is the catalyst for entrenched freedom of expression in all its forms. Therefore, while the Institute continues to strengthen other aspects of free expression by acting as a watchdog for violations through the Anti-Censorship programme and strengthening policy and legislation through the Media and ICT programme; what is central to all our interventions is advocacy for greater access to information. Using direct intervention mechanisms such as civic education, capacitation and mobilization campaigns, we believe the Institute can expand the beneficiaries of our actions with greater long term impact and sustainability.

Recent Outreach Achievements:

Through our advocacy work, the Institute has gained recognition as one of the leading organisations on issues of freedom of expression. Some of the notable achievements of the Institute’s Outreach activities include;

  • Hosting a National Conference on Freedom of Expression titled “Developing contours foor advocacy and engagement”. This conference hosted various high profile figures in the media sector as well as activists of media freedom and freedom of expression.
  • Hosting Public Policy Dialogues which are a platform for communities to be informed, educated, highlight and address concerns related to freedom of expression.
  • Launching a newsletter, Khulum’uZwakale, as a platform for the Freedom of Expression Network to share information, ideas and lived experiences related to freedom of expression and its associated rights.