The FXI is currently engaged in the following programmes; Anti-censorship Programme, Access to Information Programme, Media and ICTs Programme. These standing programmes help guide our responses and interventions in line with the set objectives.

Anti-Censorship Programme

The Anti-Censorship Programme has been monitoring the South African environment for freedom of expression violations including those on the right to protest, association and assembly. In addition to direct interventions and support on the Regulation of Gatherings Act, the programme also actively lobbies against censorship in its various forms, including instances in public broadcasting, commercial and community media, as well as censorship of academic, artistic and other forms of censorships.

Access to Information Programme

The Access to Information Programme aims to address practical problems in ensuring much greater usage of the Constitutional right of access to information. Using the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) as its primary tool, this programme directly intervenes and provides support that gives effect to the right to access information for all.

Media & ICT Programme

The Media & ICT Programme advocates for universal service and access, in addition to plurality of the media.  A critical component of this programme is dedicated to advocacy for enhanced public broadcasting, support for community media as well as new media in extending and expanding platforms for greater public free expression and engagement. This programme further contributes to efforts dedicated to lobbying for relevant and progressive communication through legislative and policy development within South Africa and the region.