Law Clinic

The Freedom of Expression Institute Law Clinic was established in 2005 and is accredited by the Law Society of South Africa. The FXI Law Clinic involves itself with litigation that impacts on the right to freedom of expression with the view to further the objects and liberal exercise of the right to freedom of expression. This is done through direct litigation or interventions, submissions as well as carrying out relevant legal research.

The FXI is one of the few human rights civil society organizations that have a dedicated Law Clinic to handle matters directly related to our organizational vision and purpose. Through the Law Clinic, the FXI has provided easily accessible legal advice on freedom of expression including artistic freedom, academic freedom, freedom of the media and the rights of people to gather and protest. It has also built the body of law on freedom of expression by making use of high impact litigation and Constitutional Court cases that have assisted in defining more clearly the right to freedom of expression.

How the Law Clinic Works
The Law Clinic engages the services of a network of various lawyers, civil legal organisations and advocates who take keen interest in freedom of expression matters. These professionals are often courteous enough to render their services on a pro-bono basis to the Law Clinic thus enabling us to bridge the resource gap and reach more people in much need of assistance. The joint aim by all parties concerned is the realization of an environment where the liberal exercise of the right to freedom of expression is achieved.

Scope of Law Clinic matters
The FXI makes no distinction in the type of Freedom of expression cases it will involve itself in and is guided by whether the case indeed carries a pertinent freedom of expression issue and whether the resources necessary are available to see the case through. New cases that deal with current freedom of expression law cases are most welcome, given their potential to set much needed precedent that continues to influence, shape and develop the legal framework around freedom of expression.