Law Clinic Advocacy

The Law Clinic also involves itself with matters that pertain to development of laws around freedom of expression, in an aim to achieve a legal system that best facilitates the full and liberal exercise of the right to freedom of expression through;

  • Embarking on litigation that challenges inconsistencies / discrepancies that exist and affect the liberal exercise of the right to freedom of expression,
  • Undertake research on current issues that have a bearing on freedom of expression (limited),
  • Facilitate training programmes on various aspect of freedom of expression, though the recent focus has been of the rights of citizens to protest and assembly.
  • Submission of legal and policy submissions on relevant laws affecting freedom of expression.

Individuals and organisations in need of legal assistance around freedom of expression and access to information problems approach the FXI for assistance. On referral by the various programme heads, the Law Clinic will afford them the necessary legal advice or, where required, undertake litigation on behalf of the persons in need of such assistance.