Research and Monitoring
The FXI has been involved in monitoring the implementation of policy and legislation with implications on freedom of expression as well as trends in the exercise of the right in South Africa. The research focus of the FXI is critical in contributing towards the building of the body of knowledge and to raise broad public awareness on the right to freedom of expression. Past research work has been critical towards informing the Institute’s advocacy and legal interventions. Going forward, the research component also aims to produce information that is accessible to all sectors of the public including academic research papers and popular education material. In this, the research function adds to mainstreaming freedom of expression; as well as broadening and deepening greater understanding of the right.

The Freedom of Expression Institute publications serve as a means for disseminating information based on research, monitoring and other key interventions by the Institute. Freedom of expression is a broad right and hence each of the publications has been designed to focuses on specific aspects of freedom of expression that are relevant for defined target audiences. The Research Unit makes use of a variety of methodologies in producing evidence based output that supports interventions within the Institutes Law Clinic and Outreach activities.

Our standing research publications include;

  • Freedom of Expression Institute Books
  • Freedom of Expression Watch
  • Media Development Series
  • Occasional Paper Series
  • Free Expression Handbooks
  • Khulum’uZwakale newsletter
  • Legal and Policy Submissions
  • Annual Reports