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Submission by the Freedom of Expression Institute on the National Integrated ICT Policy Green Paper

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conference_report2_webV-1Report for the National Conference on Freedom of Expression

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Tleane, C. The Great Trek North:The Expansion of South African Media and ICT Companies into the SADC Region (2006)

Cost: R150



Tleane, C. and Duncan, J. Public Broadcasting in the Era of Cost Recovery: A Critique of the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s Crisis of Accountability (2003)

Cost: R150



Ndung’u, K.S (ed) The Right to Dissent: Freedom of Expression, Assembly and Demonstration (2003)

Cost: R50



Duncan, J. Broadcasting and the National Question: South African Broadcast Media in the age of Neo-liberalism (2001)

Cost: R60



Seleoane, M. and Duncan, J. Media and Democracy in South Africa (1998)

Cost: R80